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   Fine Domestic, and Imported Beers, Malts, and Ale's.  



    We will sell entertainment beverages, at many music venues, at our upcomming: "American Freedom" concert series, and other events, throughout the United States in the future.


    We will exclusively sell Anheuser-Busch, and Budweiser,  products at our upcomming venues for your pleasure, and enjoyment.


     Please contact our office for upcomming, tour,  event,  and venue schedules, and ticket information, or you may contact us at: All-American Party Tickets at: 954.800.3228, Tickets are only: $19.95, which includes a free ice cold Bud, or Bud Light, and a fresh Hot-Dog!


    You may contact us by calling us at: 954.800.3228, email us at:


     We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you.


Thank you,

The Clifford G. Fleetwood Companies

Fort Lauderdale, Florida Office, call: 954.800.3228.



                 "Budweiser The King Of Beers"            

                      "Cool  Crisp  Refreshing!"

                                 "Since 1876"


                              St. Louis, Missouri


                      "Emerson C. Winchester & Company"

                          "In The United States Of America."